Forward-looking executives have always sought to find out what their competitors are doing - and what they are going to do. These business leaders know that the most important information comes ultimately from other people. The importance of fresh human-source information for competitive analysis and also for reality-based strategic planning was pointed out in 1980 by Michael Porter of Harvard Business School. The term "Competitive Intelligence" (abbreviated as "CI") soon came into vogue as shorthand for an approach that sophisticated companies had been following for years. Tactical marketing concerns have predominated recently and the use of digital information has increased.

The value of human-source information for addressing both strategic issues and tactical concerns not only in marketing/sales but in all areas of business is demonstrated clearly by a single example: the relevance of competitor cost structure to proper pricing. Such crucial information will not be found in readily available digital sources.

SRS Intelligence will obtain relevant and timely human-source information about competitors - their organization and staffing, their strategic plans and business processes, their cost structure, their current sales tactics, their relationships with suppliers, clients, and channel partners, and much more. We analyze this data to produce in-depth knowledge for making successful decisions in sales, marketing, HR, manufacturing and any other area.

Competitive analysis projects can cover a broad range of issues, including:
  • Benchmarking of competitors' business processes
  • Analysis of competitors' customers
  • Early warning of competitors' strategic and tactical moves
  • Assessment of competitors' capabilities
For a better understanding of competitive analysis and of how SRS Intelligence can give you this critical knowledge advantage, look at these actual cases from our files:

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