Many firms seek to develop an internal intelligence capability, either on a corporate/business-unit/divisional level or solely within the sales and marketing area.

SRS Intelligence will develop and implement for you a world-class intelligence system. We are experts in all dimensions of this project, from identifying end user needs in every corporate area, through mobilizing your own employees at every level as information collectors and as in-house experts, to producing insightful analysis and really useful intelligence products. SRS Intelligence will also help you select appropriate software and provide on-going support.

SRS Intelligence uses sophisticated Contextor intelligence software throughout our intelligence process to ensure that clients get the knowledge they need to make the right decisions. We believe this is the best tool available for the core of a corporate intelligence system. Contextor was developed by our partner Svivot, Ltd. See Contextor.

SRS Intelligence and Svivot will work with you to adapt Contextor to your company's specific intelligence needs so that more and better intelligence is produced internally. We train corporate intelligence personnel to make best use of Contextor, whether this involves a stand-alone system for a lone manager or a complex system for a large, networked team that is geographically dispersed.

Our intelligence systems consulting services can be provided in the following ways:

  • stand-alone Contextor implementation project
  • complete package including a Contextor implementation project
  • individually or as modular add-ons to a Contextor implementation project.

For details and pricing, contact us now at info@srsintelligence.com

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